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ServerlessConf 2016 Talk

Posted by Ryan S. Brown on Fri, May 27, 2016
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Tags: serverlessconf, foss, open source


There are a number of open source projects built around closed platforms like AWS Lambda/Google Cloud Functions and open serverless projects like OpenWhisk and LeverOS. In this talk we’ll cover what motivates contributors, what sends them running the other direction, and how you can help your project grow. Building a project on top of closed technology is an extra challenge without insight into where it’s going. Learn how to manage continuous integration with your project against your (closed) dependencies and make sure bugs stay fixed.



The Open Source Initiative keeps a list of approved licenses that meet the open-source definition that includes free redistribution, non-discrimination, freely available source code, and other requirements.

The most popular open source licenses are (in no particular order):

Github provides to help distinguish between different licenses when starting a project.


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