ServerlessConf Is Back!

The Follow-On To ServerlessConf NYC Will Be In London October 27 & 28

Posted by Ryan S. Brown on Thu, Aug 4, 2016
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In May we ran the first ever conference on serverless technologies and architectures in Brooklyn, NY. The conference was a huge success thanks to our passionate attendees, speakers, and sponsors.

Last Time

A venerable who’s who of cloud attended the conference including Amazon, Microsoft, and IBM. We had representatives and speakers from Firebase and Auth0, Capital One and Nordstrom, Spotify and Movivo, and many other fantastic organisations. We had speakers including Patrick Debois, Charity Majors, Dr. Donald Ferguson, Tim Wagner, Chris Anderson, Joe Emison, Austen Collins, Noelle LaCharite, Ben Kehoe, Eric Windisch, Lars Trieloff, Mitch Garnaat, Paul Johnston, Ryan Scott Brown, Andreas Nauerz, Stephen Fink, Rob Gruhl, Mike MacDonald, Leo Anthias, Kapil Thangavelu, James Governor, Erik Erikson, Sam Kroonenburg, and many, many others. A thank you to everyone who made this conference a success.

Ever since Serverlessconf in NYC we’ve been inundated by requests to run another one. The serverless space is undergoing a rapid time of transformation, development, and growth. New serverless-focused projects are being launched weekly, more developers and companies are taking notice, and we are seeing organisations make major investments in this space. Last year there wasn’t a single Serverless Meetup in the world; today there are at least 17 including London, San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Austen, Santa Clara, Heidelberg, Oslo, Madrid, Milano, Bucharest, Berlin, Bangkok, Medellín, Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. It’s no surprise too, serverless technologies and architectures offer a disruptive approach to implementation and operations of software systems that is cheaper, more scalable, more powerful, and lots of fun.

Coming Soon

Today we are excited to announce Serverlessconf London 2016. This conference, just like the one in NY, will be dedicated to serverless technologies and architectures.

Serverlessconf will be held over 2 days on October 27–28

Workshops on serverless architectures will run on October 26

Serverlessconf is for practitioners, enthusiasts, experts, and fans interested in serverless technologies (be it, Function-as-a-Service, Backend-as-a-Service, or serverless/cloud patterns & architectures). We will hear use case, discuss architectures, learn about new products and features, and debate whether to rename serverless to Jeff.

We want to hear from you! The call-for-speakers is now open so please submit your talk if you have a story to share. Early Bird tickets are on sale now, so grab yours!

Finally, if you want to sponsor our conference — get in touch. We’d love to work with you to make this conference an event to remember and grow the serverless community further.

We hope to see you at Serverlessconf London 2016!

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