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Launching In T-Minus 65 Days

Posted by Ryan S. Brown on Mon, Mar 21, 2016
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It’s officially spring in the northern hemisphere, ServerlessConf is just 65 days away, and we’ve got great news – confirmed speakers!

We’re thrilled to have Tim Wagner (AWS Lambda General Manager), Charity Majors (CTO at Hound), Patrick Debois (of DevOpsDays fame), and Eric Windisch (several OpenStack projects, now IOpipe) all speaking at ServerlessConf. We’ll be announcing even more speakers as soon as we confirm them.

Tim Wagner will be the keynote speaker on the first day. He has a long history in the tech industry, and we’re excited to hear his view on the next few years. Tickets are still available at, and we hope to see you there. Do you have something to share? The Call for Proposals is open, and we want to hear from you!

Tim Wagner

As the General Manager of AWS Lambda, Tim Wagner tames microservices in his sleep. Prior to joining AWS, he was a Director of Development for Visual Studio overseeing the C# and VB languages, diagnostic and architecture tools, and the IDE platform. He has also served on the Eclipse Foundation Board and held various open source roles. Product and research interests include massively scaled software systems, developer productivity tools, and incremental algorithms. Pretty handy if you’re running a service which allows developers to increase their productivity whilst deploying massively scaled software systems.

Charity Majors

A world-class engineering leader that has built teams responsible for scaling and maintaining distributed application infrastructure across many locations, first for Linden Labs with Second Life, and then again with Parse. Now she’s doing it one more time as co-founder and CTO at her new company Hound, with a focus on machine data and infrastructure observability for humans.

Patrick Debois

Most well known for founding Devopsdays, these day’s Patrick is the CTO of Small Town Hero’s, where he’s leading a team using serverless architectures in delivering scalable mobile applications. Not happy to just be a CTO of a company doing interesting things, Patrick has also just launched MobileDeliveryDays, with the first event happening in March 2016.

Eric Windisch

Veteran contributor to a number of Open Source projects, most notably OpenStack and later Docker. Eric is best known for his contributions of ZeroMQ messaging and the Docker virt driver for OpenStack Compute. Eric also initiated OpenStack Project Magnum and is a co-author of the OpenStack Security Guide. These days he is working on IOpipe; a client, SDK, and engine for building and running on serverless platforms through the chaining of kernels, single-function applications.

See You There

If you missed the ServerlessConf announcement last week, it’s going to be May 26th and 27th in New York City. It’s all about exploring the new “serverless” twist on infrastructure, microservices, and SOA. We’re all about using new tech to build real, useful systems faster than we could before.

I’ll be there, with some bonus swag for mailing list subscribers. If you’re planning to go, drop me an email at so we can meet up.

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