New Speakers And Sponsors For ServerlessConf

Featuring Speakers From IBM, Microsoft, And AWS

Posted by Ryan S. Brown on Wed, May 11, 2016
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We continue to be staggered by the quality of the speakers we’re adding to our lineup for ServerlessConf.

Not only do we have the Donald F Ferguson who led the technical development of Websphere on our agenda, now CTO at a startup called SparqTV, but we also have the woman who wrote the book on Websphere in Noelle LaCharitie, now a Solution Architect & Evangelist with Amazon Alexa.

Chris Anderson & Yochay Kiriaty will be joining us to go through Microsoft’s foray into this area, as they tell us more about Azure Functions.

Austen Collins, an early pioneer in this space with the JAWS Framework, now the Serverless Framework, adds to the already fantastic roster of speakers, as he takes us on a serverless journey.

Some of our amazing new speakers include:

  • Dr. Donald F. Ferguson is the only person to have been honored as an IBM Fellow, Microsoft Technical Fellow and Dell Senior Fellow.

  • Noelle LaCharite, Solutions Architect and Evangelist for Amazon Alexa, has been an enterprise developer, architect and principal consultant for more than a decade. She is also the author of several books on IBM Websphere and cloud computing for SMB.

  • Yochay Kiriaty is a principal program manager at the Microsoft Azure team, driving web, mobile, API and functions experiences as part of the Azure App Service Platform.

  • Austen Collins is the creator of the Serverless Framework (formerly known as JAWS), and founder of Serverless, Inc., funded by the investors behind Docker, New Relic and Meteor. He is also an AWS Community Hero.

  • Chris Anderson is a program manager for Microsoft Azure App Service, and is best known for having helped drive the user experience for Functions, emphasizing ease of use, speed of getting started, and openness with community.

  • Gen Ashley is best known as @coderinheels, championing women making a career in development. She is the Director of Women Who Code London, and Head of Business Development at Systango, a software company. Gen knows everyone who is anyone in London, and has made a significant positive influence on diversity in our space.

We’re also very pleased to announce our sponsors, in the form of Amazon Web Services, Capital One, A Cloud Guru, IBM, Microsoft, Redmonk and Implicit-Explicit.

We will be publishing the Agenda soon so you can start planning your time at ServerlessConf. We look forward to seeing you there!

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